Monday, March 23, 2009

It has begun

Ever since S started bringing lunch to school this year, I have written her little notes on her napkin. She enjoyed it so much she would leave me notes on my napkin to find at home. She even commented on how her friends would ask "what did your mom write today?" I loved doing this and would imagine her opening her lunch and reading the note and smiling and enjoying her food so much more.

Well, my time has passed. S asked me to stop writing her notes on her napkins. I asked her why and she said "no reason i just don't want them anymore". My heart sank, I thought I had at least until the middle of second grade to write her notes. Then as if that wasn't enough, I kissed her goodbye and she turned her cheek to me and said "stop please". What else should I expect? It is only Monday and I am so depressed. My little girl is growing up to fast and doesn't want the cute things I have to offer her. Oh, well I guess she is preparing me for her teenage years.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not again

I spent all day yesterday changing diapers and airing out the house. Jansen has Rotavirus and my house smelt like a sewage dump. I went through a whole pack of wipes and half a sleeve of diapers. The doctor told me that he knew it was Rotavirus right away by how jansen stunk up the office. I wasn't impressed with the oncall doctor and was glad Jansen left a foul smell there. Jansen refuses to eat or drink, so we are on dehydration alert. We had finally gotten him off bottles and then he got sick last week with Croup and wouldn't drink, so the doctor suggested trying the bottle again, to see if he would drink. Well that didn't help than and it hasn't helped now. We can get some gatorade in him one teaspoon at a time, by putting it in a medicine cup and telling him it is time for his medicine. He has never had a problem taking medicine. The boy is so tired, but can not sleep because he keeeps going potty and has to be changed. This can last 2 - 3 days, poor kid. Meanwhile he will catch a nap where ever and whenever he can. Hopefully the luck of the Irish will be with our family this week and everyone will be healthy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dress Sale

Where: Amy & Eric Barzeele's house
343 West 40 South, Lindon

Date: Thursday, March 26th
Time: 12:30 - 2:30pm

Sizes: 2T - 14 (infant also)
Girls: 2pc, shirtsets & dresses
Boys suits, shirts & pants at discount prices
Also 30% off Flutterbye products

This is my sister's neighbor. I love their Flutterbye hair accessories, they also have the cutiest flip flops ever. Any questions you can ask me.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am so proud

S kept telling me she needed to writ and essay for school. I was a little confused, because she is in 1st grade and I hadn't heard anything about it. So I talked to her teacher and found out that the school was having a contest during Freedom week and you could write an essay on "What the Flag means to me". So with that knowledge K1 and I decided to let S write her first essay. So one night as I put the boys to bed, S and K1 started on the essay. Within 1/2 S had her rough draft done, K1 told me that she came up with everything and he helped with spelling. So here is her essay:

What the flag means to me. by S Payne

When I see our flag, it reminds me of my grandpa. He served in the Navy for 38 years. I also think about the freedoms we have. We are lucky we have a free Country. Freedom means you have a choice to do what you want to do. I read a story that talked about the first flag made, it flew at Fort McHenry. It was made with 400 yards of material. Our flag is the symbol of our Country and our Freedom.

She turned this in, and then one day when she came home from school she told us she got her essay back. She then hands me a folder, that has a gold medal attached to it, which I assume they just give to everyone who enters, but I was wrong. I opened the folder and found her essay and a certificate that said "Essay Contest Wiiner" Freedom Week "What the Flag means to me" 1st Grade awared to S Payne. Apparently she won the overall award for 1st grade. I was so happy for her, she showed everyone and even called her grandparents to tell them about it. I am glad she got her dads ability to write stories and even make up song on the fly.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I recently purchased a pair of running shoes. I have put this off for a year, I wanted to make sure I was going to stick with running. It was a painless task and who knew I could really enjoy running with the right support. My feet don't get hot and they don't ache for hours after a good run. Thanks to some gift cards K1 earned at work, I didn't even have to pay the shoes myself. My running has improved and so has my attitude. So if any of you are wondering if it is worth getting running shoes, I say yes do it and your feet will thank.

On another note, I am 4 weeks away from the big 1/2 marathon I am training for. I have increased my running time and speed and lowered my heart rate. I am still behind my running mate by about 1/2 a mile. I do need some tips though. If any of you reading this know how I should train the week of the event and what I should eat, please let me know. I am up to 7.5 miles, without stopping in 1 hr 15minutes. Not bad for a rookie. Only 5.5 miles away from my goal.