Sunday, August 31, 2008

No one to play with

J was so sad after he found himself alone with me. S and K2 were off to school and he cried for an hour. Nothing I did seemed to help and so I decided to video it and share with everyone. It was pretty cute, but I felt bad for him. He will have to get use to it, because next year will be even worse since K2 will be in kindergarten. The rec. center pool opens this week, so maybe some water time with mom will help ease his pain. (J refers to S as momma and I am mommy)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Princess

Saturday August 9th S went to The Princess Festival. She had a great time dancing with Prince Charming and learning to curtsy with Cinderella. She even grossed out watching the Prince kiss Sleeping Beauty. Thanks to my sister for taking her, since K1 was out of town I had to stay with the boys. S is looking forward to next year.

She alao has been bike racing. Last week she entered her second race and got 3rd place. She was so excited to get her ribbon. She has another race this weekend and since school has started she has been able to practice as much.

Speaking of school, She is very excited for 1st grade. She is happy about 2 recesses and eating lunch at school. Monday was a good day, Tuesday she said was awesome and she asked me if it was Friday yet, when I asked why she said "because I want to buy lunch". So Wednesday she bought lunch and enjoyed it alot. I had to make a special trip to the store on Monday night, because I realized I didn't have any lunch stuff for her to take. Who knew it would be so hard to pack a school lunch. So far she likes her class and teacher. I can not believe she is so grown up.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Big J

Two years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He is the sweetest baby and a great sleeper. He was the only boy in the nursery at the hospital with about 6 girls. The nurses would put him in the middle of all of them, so he had a harem, since he was born. He has 2 cousins that are a day older then him. So we give a big be-lated shout out to Stephen and Spencer. They have not yet met as they live in New York, someday they will join forces and tear up someone's home together.

I look forward to many more birthday's with this sweet boy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG J.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I have been planning to cut my hair for a couple months now. I have had long hair most of my life and decided it was time for a change. So once I decided to do it I thought why not donate my hair to Lock of Love. This is an orginization that makes wigs for those that loose their hair due to illness. As most of you know I lost my sister-in-law from cancer last year. She didn't loose all her hair, but did loose some during her battle. I am doing this in her honor.

Once S found out what I was doing she wanted to get involved. She has asked K1 and me if she could cut her hair also. K1 really likes her long hair and was very hesitant about letting her. I had to remind him that she wasn't asking permission to get a tatoo, it is just hair and it will grow back. He finally got on board and so yesterday S and I went and got our hair cut.

My neighbor did the deed for us, 10 1/2 inches later, S had a huge grin on her face and is very happy with the way it turned out. Then it was my turn, I was really nervous and hesitated a little. But after 10 inches with the intial cut and a couple more during the rest of the cut, I have short hair. I am still in the getting use to it fase and S told me it was a little cute, K2 is not sure and J just stares at me. K1 has to get use to it too. So I will let you know in a couple weeks, but until then here are a few pictures for you to judge yourself. Don't be shy leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Is it sunny in here?

So I left some items I had taken to camp with me, on the kids bathroom counter. I was in my room folding laundry and I thought all 3 kids were playing in the livingroom. Then I here a small voice say "Mommy, soap". I was a bit puzzled and came out of my room to find this;

At least he got the right sunscreen to cover his face and it has been hot enough to need it. K1 always tells me to put things away, right away and not wait tell later. This would be a good reason why it should be done.