Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Camping with the girl's

As most of you know, I was encharge of planning Girl's Camp for the young woman at my church. I was given this calling back in January and started looking for an assistant right away. After months of planning and meeting with people, it came time to go to camp and hope for the best.
I left my family behind on Tuesday the 22nd and headed to Mia Shalom for the week. The weather was great, not too hot and a little rain. The girl's all did great. There was very little complaining about the cabin assignments, they all helped set up camp and even enjoyed splashing each other in the canoe's. We wore them out the first day and they were all in bed and asleep by 10pm. The leaders were a little nervous, and wondered what they were planning for the next night.
Everyone went on their hikes, according to their year and every group got lost, but all returned safely. We played alot of games, sang songs, roasted marshmellow's, ate good food and laughed alot. The girl's in my church are awesome, I am sad that my time with them is over. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and it was so cool to hear them complement each other. They worked together as a group and no one was ever left out.
While I was gone, S decided to ride her bike without her training wheels and K1 had her in her first bike race, the next day. S had a great time and can't wait to do it again.
I do hope I am given the opportunity to go to camp again. A big thank you to all that helped make this a great girl's camp. To my family who supported me and to my in-laws who helped watch my kids while I was gone.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


So today I turn 38. Yep, I am only 2 years away from 40. I have never been one to care about my age. (since I seem to act childish most of the time) For some reason though I have been very emotional about this birthday. It could be that my request for gifts have gotten less personal. Last year I requested a swing set, so my kids would have something to do and this year I requested a tree for my front yard. Thanks to my hubby and in-laws (and to Ben Platt for planting it), I now have a tree in my front yard. It could also be that I am struggling to find my HIDDEN talents and use them, or that I haven't decided if I should have another kid, or that I am just hormonal. What ever the reason this one is tough for me. As some of you know I have tried to change my eating habits, I have been working out more and even ran a race for the first time in my life. Oh my gosh it just hit me......I am having a mid-life crisis. Is this possible at 38?
I guess I could have one at any age, but thought you had to be going through menopause for that. I guess that is next in my life at this point.

I am glad that I have 3 wonderful kids (most of the time), a great husband, and wonderful family and friends all around me. I have a home (well, 2...does anyone want to buy a townhouse in Provo?), clothes to wear and food to eat. I do have more then some and for this I am grateful.

My kids have been making plans for my Big day. S asked me yesterday; "Mommy do you know what I want to get you for your birthday?" I said , "NO?" She then said, "Well I need to call daddy to tell him because I haven't been shopping yet." K1 is taking an early lunch today to take her shopping. K2 told me he wants to get me and elephant for my birthday. I said, "Where would we put an elephant?" K2 replied, "In the backyard, of course." I said, "We don't need an elephant." To which he replied, "but I , I mean YOU really need one." So, it comes down to the fact that K2 really wants an elephant and my birthday is a good excuse.

I went to the gym this morning and had a great workout with a friend. Good start to my day, once S got up she came into my room and asked me to follow her, I went to the kitchen and found that she had prepared a bowl of my favorite cereal (special k with strawberries) for me It has been a good day so far. I am sure I will get over being 38 just in time to turn 39 and have something else to talk about.

So to this BIRTHDAY I say " BRING IT ON"

Monday, July 7, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be fun to sign up for the Provo Freedom Run. I talked my friend into doing it with me and I started running more often, well ok for the first time. This year I have really been focusing on working out and eating better, so I figured why not try running a 5K. Well my friend signed up for the 10K because it was the same price as the 5K. So not wanting to run it alone,I signed up for the 10K. K1 thought I was crazy and said" you can't just decide one day that you are going to run a race". Well, I did and wow, what an experience. Friday morning I was a little nervous but felt great. The race started and I soon realized I had not run up hill at all in my training, so after 1 mile of a slight incline my friend left me. (although I kept her in my sights for the next couple of miles) Once I hit the part of the course that is on the parade route, I realized I couldn't stop and walk at all because of the hundreds of people staring at me. I kept going and going and going. I hit mile 5 and my legs were starting to feel it, but I had some good music in my ear and felt I could last 1 more mile. Half way through that last mile it starts back uphill again and try as I might, I had to stop running and take to walking quickly. I came into the finish line 6 mins. behind my friend and with K1 and the kids cheering me on. I finished under my goal time and I was not last. Overall I am very happy with my results and look forward to doing better next year. Thanks K1 for your support and encouraging words.

feeling good

glad to be done