Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Act of Kindness

It is good to know that in these trying times, that strangers will still be kind to each other. Yesterday while I was leaving Costco, J decided to throw a fit and wouldn't get in the cart and wanted to go back into the store to get a hot dog. I picked him up, and tried to steer the cart at the same time. When a young man coming towards me asked if he could push my cart to my car for me. I was glad to have the help. Then when I was done loading the car, J was still screaming in the car and I went to return my cart, and a lady passing by said she would take it for me. Now these people did not work for Costco, they just acted on their own. So to them I say THANK YOU.

So remember that kindness is still important in the world today.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Camping pictures

Moab Camping Trip

So I took my kids and one of S's friends to Moab last weekend to camp out, during K1's 24 hour bike race. K1 left on Tuesday, to visit with clients and pre-ride the course. I left Friday, after K2 got out of school, around 1pm. Everyone was fed before we left and J even got an enema, because he was so over clogged. J was feeling better and fell asleep pretty quick. There was a movie on and everything seemed to be going well. K2 even fell asleep and then the girls needed a pit stop. I stopped in Price, to let them go and I topped off the gas tank. K2 woke up and started saying his stomach hurt. I asked if he needed to use the bathroom and he said no. Then he leaned over the seat next to him and...yep you guessed it, he puked. I spent the next half hour, making sure the kids didn't run away and cleaning his car seat, the car floor and the chairs. K2 has a pillow that his Grandma made him and that he truly loves, it was drenched with.. well you know and I wanted to throw it away, but he was throwing a fit, so I put it in a bag and it went in the back of the car. I explained to him that by the time I was able to wash it, it may not come clean. He didn't care at that point, he just wanted to keep it. Once we started going again, K2 started complaining that he was hungry, well of course you are, but I am not feeding you anything right now. So for the next hour he whined, but J fell back asleep. I stopped again, just off of I-70, before we turned for Moab. Everyone used the bathroom, I got some crackers and gogurt out to snack on, the kids loved to view and then we got back in the car to finish off our drive. We did make it to the campsite and the kids loved the camper we had to camp in and K2 was not sick again the rest of the trip.
We did have a ceremonial burning of the pillow on Saturday night. K2 agreed that we needed to get rid of it and he would ask grandma if she would make a new one for him.
J did come down with a fever on Saturday and still has not recovered and even has added a cough and runny nose.
Overall though we all had fun. The kids ran around and played from the time they got up (7:30) to the time they went to bed (9pm). No one got hurt, the weather was great and the kids got to ride on a four wheeler, which made there day. I am looking forward to going back next year, but maybe on my own.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetie

41 years ago today, this man was born. I am forever grateful for him and his dedication to his family. I hope he has at least 41 years in him. Happy Birthday.