Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Act of Kindness

It is good to know that in these trying times, that strangers will still be kind to each other. Yesterday while I was leaving Costco, J decided to throw a fit and wouldn't get in the cart and wanted to go back into the store to get a hot dog. I picked him up, and tried to steer the cart at the same time. When a young man coming towards me asked if he could push my cart to my car for me. I was glad to have the help. Then when I was done loading the car, J was still screaming in the car and I went to return my cart, and a lady passing by said she would take it for me. Now these people did not work for Costco, they just acted on their own. So to them I say THANK YOU.

So remember that kindness is still important in the world today.

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berlinwritergirl said...

Always good reminder to hear stories like these. Glad someone was there to help you.