Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Did you see this?

Josh Groban is one of my favorite singers. I love to listen to him when I have had a bad day. I was very surprised when people were talking about his performance on the Emmy's. So I had to look at it for myself and this is what I found. I enjoyed it, hope you do to.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Vegas review

I made it back from my trip. I had a great time, scrapbooking, craft shopping, people watching, Phantom seeing, karaoke listening weekend. I stayed at Bonnie's Lake Las Vegas home, which has an awesome view of the lake and the village. Friday and Saturday night we were put to sleep (not) by the lovely karaoke singers at the club across the way. They were ok, until about 1am when all the liquor hit them and they really thought they could sing well. (thank heavens for ear plugs)

Cathy and I arrived about 4pm on Thursday and once the car was unpacked, we walked around the village, then enjoyed a lovely dinner on the balcony of the home and started crafting. I got quite a bit of scrapbook done with all there help and even got to use Sandi's cricket. (that is a cool toy) Friday, they took me to ever craft and stamp store in town. Then we had a lunch break at In and out burger. I found out they are going to open a burger shop in Provo and SLC, sometime soon, I can hardly wait. We did alot more scrapbooking and then that night there was a local band "Concrete Hillbilly" who performed on the stage right below us. Then at 10pm the karaoke group started and they didn't stop until 2am. You can imagine that the more they drank the better they thought they sounded and so that is when the earplugs went in. Saturday was the big Scrapbook Expo, we headed out at 9am and went to Cashman Center close to downtown Vegas. There were alot of vans in the parking lot, and we were expecting a huge crowd. Last year there was about 200 booths, so we prepared to spend all day. When we entered we saw about 30 booths and no big crowds. The ladies were disappointed and apologized to me and I was not sad at all. I was kid free and loving it. We did all the booths, made some take home items and headed out to go get some show tickets at about noon. Once we had our show tickets in hand we walked around the Venetian, had lunch and then got ready for the show. We saw The Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. I had never seen it and so the ladies felt I needed to. It was a great show, I had nothing to compare it too, but everyone agreed that they did an awesome job and the special affects were great. I had a fabulous time driving down the strip after the show as we returned to the house. This time there was a jazz band on stage and after they finished, it was karaoke again. this time they didn't sing as late, but still an earplug night. Sunday we squeezed in more scrapbooking before Cathy and I headed home. The car was packed and we said our goodbye's, then the long drive home begun. We made a stop in St. George for lunch/dinner at in and out, had to get my fill. Then got home around 7pm. I found the house clean and everyone in one piece. All went well here and they missed me, they said as they rummaged through my stuff to see if I brought them anything.

I look forward to the next girls trip. Everything is back to normal at my house. K2 was up twice during the night with a fever, J was up at 6:30am ready to start his day. I am glad I got some sleep and regained some energy for my mommy job that is back in full swing.

I almost forgot; my sister Leah had her baby Friday evening. He is only 30 weeks and 1 pound 7 ounces and 12 inches long. (about the size of two bills lined up together)This was an emergency c-section because he just wasn't gaining weight and he started to show signs of distress. He is breathing on his own with out oxygen and is hook to alot of tubes for monitoring and feeding. He doesn't have a name yet, but he is doing well. My sister is recovering well also and looks forward to spending at least the next 2 months visiting her baby boy at the hospital.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

So, K1 came back from his business trip today and I head out tomorrow with my mother-in-law for some scrap booking time in Vegas. I am more then ready for this trip. The kids have colds and are very whinny. I have pack up some supplies and will hopefully get S's pre-school and Kindergarten pictures scrap booked while I am gone.

I am very excited to spend time with my mother-in-law, Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Sandi. I have never hung out with them by myself, since I married into the family. I hope to learn alot of crafting tips and other things from them. They are great women and I am glad they have invited me to go.

I hope the house will still be standing when I return and that K1 will have all his hair. One thing I can guarantee, is that the house will be clean. K1 is always good at that and I am very grateful to him for that.

So, I will post when I return with all the crazy Vegas activities (nothing like my younger days) and how things went here. I am sure you will all want to hear that.

Friday, September 5, 2008

What a week

So, I have to tell you, this has been a very crazy week, I have had both boys home all week, because K2's preschool teacher had to go to Idaho for a funeral. Although J has enjoyed having K2 home with him, I have been pulling my hair out. They are fighting all the time, and J is starting to hit back and tell me NO. S has been a little whiny at the end of the day and not wanting to do her homework. She said " I don't like doing homework", if she is this way now, what will it be like in 10 years? Then, I finally had my eyes checked after several years of complaining that my eyesight was getting worse. I got my glasses this week and have had to get use to wearing them, but who knew that everything really looked that fabulous. (I am not so sure about contacts, but that will most likely happen next) I also made a payment to the wrong company and didn't realize it until they called to tell me I was late. I fought with them over the phone, I made the payment and I gave them all my info and then later that day I got a letter from the other company that I had a credit with them for the same amount the other company said I stilled owed. WOW..I was so embarrassed. I haven't been to the gym much this week because I haven't been feeling so well and my temper is very short. (sorry kids, I really do love you) K1 is going on a business trip next week and when he gets back I get to go with my mother-in-law and K1's Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Sandi to Vegas for 4 days. I am looking forward to the break. Thanks to K1 for taking time off work, so I can go.

Please don't get me wrong, I love my family and the opportunity I have to stay home and raise them. I live in a geat neighborhood and have a very supportive family and great friends. It is just nice to get away from the everyday things and people that are always wanting me to make, find and fix things for them.

So I hope the weekend will be mellow and that my trip will rejuvinate me enough to last until my next trip.