Friday, December 28, 2007


We took the kids tubing for the first time. We went to Solldier Hollow and spent 2 hours flying down the hill. I wasn't able to get that many pictures, but here is a few going up the lift. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have alot of fun. After a couple of runs, the kids were ready to go down the hill by themselves. of course mom and dad followed behind them.

Christmas in the mountains

In laws home

S and cousin Cody

S and K

K and cousin Wyatt

We spent Christmas at our new mountain retreat or as the kids call it "Grandma & Pop Pop's house. They moved in just before the holiday. It is a beautiful home with lots of space for the kids to play. After the gift opening and some breakfast we went out to sled down the driveway. We liked it so much that we stayed for three days. Grandma said we have to come back every weekend and of course the kids don't mind. We did realize that our van is not the best car to take there and packed the whole gang into the subaru for the trip. It was tight, but thank goodness it is not a long trip.

Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Friday, December 21, 2007

It must be Christmas.......

because my kids are sick and my husband is off to the Vegas Bowl.

Yesterday Jansen was very whinny and had a slight fever. Today, I took Kohl to the doctors because he was so hoarse and said his throat hurt when he swallowed. So he has an ear and throat infection and is just a typical sick 3 year old. (yes, that good) So, tonight there will be alot of drugs passed out and hopefully some peace and quiet.

It seems that every Christmas my kids get sick. It makes for an exciting Christmas. So here's hoping we make it through to Sunday, (when daddy comes home) without anymore trips to the doctor.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Surf's Up

Sierra had her first dance show a couple of weeks ago. She is the one in the yellow lei.

Missing candy

Candy eating elf.

Sierra admiring her decorating job

Daddy and Kohl decorating the house

Our family had a great time decorating our gingerbread house. We had too fight off the candy eating elf, but I think it turned out great.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tis the Season

I find myself getting caught up in the stress of the holiday season. I wonder if I have gotten the right gifts and if they will be liked. I worry that I may have forgotten someone, did the cards all get out, will the packages I shipped get their in time? When will I have time to wrap things and will the kids ever stop whining and asking if today is Christmas.

Last night I was reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. I attended my churches women's group dinner and program. The dinner was great an the conversations were nice too, but I really enjoyed the program. It touched my heart and made me realize, that all the worrying and stress I feel is not necessary.

I am very grateful for all my family , friends and neighbors. I am grateful for my husband and all he does to provide for our family. I am grateful for my children and all the silliness they bring into my life. For the patience they have with me and all the smiles, hugs and kisses they give.

Most off all, I am grateful for my savior Jesus Christ. I know that with him in my life anything is possible.

It is my hope and prayer that each and everyone of us will have the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts this time of year.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Familyof Elves

So click the link below and see what my family looks like as a bunch of elves.

Child Labor

Jansen wants to do everything the big people do. Keith was vacuuming up the pine needles from the tree and Jansen got his vacuum out to help. I truely believe in child labor, especially when it cuts my work load in half.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Visitng Santa

So today I took the kids to see Santa. Sierra and Kohl had letters for him and Jansen was just excited to see all the decorations. We start to walk in, when it is our turn and Sierra and Kohl are off and at Santa's lap in no time. Jansen is holding Keith's finger as he slowly walks over to Santa. He then stops and plants his feet firmly on the ground and won't move any further. Keith picked him up and put him on Santa's lap, not too pleased. We then started taking pictures and Jansen would not smile. He was so sad, but did not cry. Once off Santa's lap he darted for the exit. Once safely away from the big man, he was smilely and talking. Oh well, better luck next year.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Saying goodbye

On Monday November 26th, the kids said there final goodbye's to Aunt Sharon. She passed away on November 19th, after a two year battle with Brain Cancer. She was and is very brave and will be greatly missed.

Here is a poem Keith wrote for his sister's funeral.

The world changed for me today.
If you asked how I would say;
The sun has hid behind the moon.
Or cold weather has come too soon.
It could be that I just sense
The world is somehow less immense.
With you now gone I pause, I wait,
And ponder our collective fate.
While every soul at some point hence
Must leave it’s body and commence
The journey home to Father dear
I felt happier with you near.
We all go on as we must do
And often will we think of you.
Realizing the life you lived
Prompts us all to more freely give
More of ourselves to those we meet
And buoy up any who feel defeat.
Our talents we should also share,
That all we help will know we care.
Thank you for all you have done.
You had a way of having fun
In any task or chore you’d face.
Or in your travels to any place.
Yet once again you lead us on
To new adventures now beyond.
The eclipse will pass from my view
And soon Springtime will come anew.
I will not fear the sorrow or pain
But smile when I think your name.
I know that you will miss us too
And someday hence we’ll come find you.
Oh how sweet will be the embrace
When once again we see your face.

By Kim Keith Payne
After the passing of his sister Sharon on 11/19/07
Written 11/21/07

Super Baby

The smallest and cutest payne. Jansen is a super hero in my book. He brings joy to all he knows and saves the world with just one smile. Don't you want to just squeeze those cheeks.

Joing the craze

After reading so many blogs and intruding on others lives, I decided it was my turn to let everyone read about my crazy family. This will also be an easy way to keep my family and friends updated on the happenings at the HOUSE OF PAYNE. So here goes something.
Okay, this is not the best picture of our family, but it is recent.