Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time for Nursery....

Can you believe that 18 months has gone by already. My sweet little man is so big that he gets to attend Nursery at our church now. This means that mom and dad get to enjoy their classes kid free. (or so we hope)

J went right into class on Sunday, washed his hands and started playing with the toys and other kids. I should of know it was too good to be true. An hour later they came and got me, J was crying and must have just realized his parents were not around. I calmed him down and took him back to his class. He was fine as long as I was holding him and didn't sit down. It was time to clean up the toys and get ready for snack time. I thought this is it, he loves to eat, so I should be able to leave soon. Oh no, he didn't want anything to do with the snacks. He did end up coloring, but I still had to remain with him for the next hour. We will try again next week and hope we have better luck.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do you ever feel like doing this?

You have to check this out. I have often thought of doing this, if I wasn't such a chicken.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day of Rest?

So Sunday is never really a day of rest in my house. Today, I was at home with 3 sick kids. My in-laws graciously took K2 to there house and S, J and I hung out at home. J had been running a temp. of 103.2 and I was trying everything I know to get it down. At 6pm it was upto 104 and I decided it was time he was seen by a profressional. Insta-care had a 2 hour wait to be seen, so I headed to Timpanogos Hospital ER. We were seen within 15mins, temp still high, barking cough and very miserable. After 1 hour of monoriting, they decide to give him a breathing treatment because his airway is swollen. My sister came and picked up S for a sleepover..Thank You Renee.. After the treatment came a nasal swab for RSV, this is were they inject saline up the nose and then vacuum suck it out and test it. J was a good sport, but very upset. Hey I would be too..

He has croup, they gave him Motrin for the fever and a liquid steroid to open the airway and lungs. J dosed off and on between coughing and nurses checking his vitals. After 3.5 hours he had improved and we were sent home, J was so happy when the doctor said we could go that he immediately smiled at her and said bye bye. Doctor and I both laughed, J is now resting and I am cleaning the house that I left suddenly.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that after I got checked in and J was being treated, they came to me for my insurance information, I gave them my card and the registration attendant informed me that Timp. is not a IHC hospital and I would have to pay the out of cercuit fee or I could leave and go to Orem Community. My sister-in-law works at at Orem Community and I knew that they were packed, so I decided to stay. Well, I have always gone to Timp. for care and forgot that K1 changed jobs last summer and our insurance carrier was also changed. So that should be a fun bill, but as long as J gets better it will be worth it.

Oh, you may be asking yourself where is K1 through all this. Well, for those of you that truely know my family, know that my kids only really get sick when he is out of town. So yes he is out of town and due back tomorrow. the craziness will be over and I will need a vacation. Oh, yeah I just had one.

I do wish I had the camera for all of this. J had the oxygen monitor attached to his toe, his ID braclet on his ankle and was wearing only a diaper. his cheeks rosey from fever and lots of drool. Oh so cute.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So. Caribbean Cruise Trip review

As most of you know K and I went to the Southern Caribbean for a 7 day cruise. We travelled with 27 other couples who were all LDS. It was great to travel with people who share the same beliefs as us.

We spent 2 days in San Juan Puerto Rico and visited the two Forts there. They are very fasinating and take a few hours to explore. We passed by the leper colony,which is still in use and they don't like any outsiders in their city. Saturday evening we boarded the ship and woke up Sunday in St. Thomas, we did some snorkelling and snailing around the island. Monday we woke up in St. Maarteen and to the news of President Hinkley's passing. Our group had a humanitarian project planned for that day and thought it very fitting that we should be doing service on that day. We visited an orphanage and school for mentally and physically disabled children. It was quite humbling to see these sweet children who had been abandon who aside from needing alot of care and supervision, really needed love. Sadly for whatever reason their parent(s) were not able to give it to them and so they end up in facilities like this one. The leader of the Orphanage had never had anyone visit and offer assistance in any way and was amazed at our desire to visit and the generous gifts that our group pitched in an bought for the kids. It was an emotional experience. From there we went to the LDS Branch building on the island and helped the missionaires and locals paint their church and the walls around it's grounds. With our large group we were able to accomplish this amzaing task in three hours. The branch members were so grateful and generous and fed us more food than we could eat. I have never felt the spirit so strong before in my life, as I did that day. It was an amazing day.

After St. Maarten we sailed to Antigua, here a group of us took taxi's to Long Bay on the other side of the island. We snorkled, played Ultimate Frisbee in the water and generally just relaxed on the beach for the afternoon.

Wednesday we were on St. Lucia, most of the group were scheduled for a tour of the island via van. We stopped for photos of the views, tried local fruits and foods and had an amazing lunch overlooking Soufrire near the Pitons. We visited a waterfall and the caldera of the Volcano where there are hotpots and later boarded a Catamaran and travelled back to the ship. Along the way we stopped to do a little snorkelling. This was a long, but very fun day.

Thursday we arrived in Barbados and K and I went scuba diving with the Moyles and Tom. The first dive was a wreck dive, 5 different wrecks all in the same area. I freaked out a little an it took some time to get down, but I eventually made it and got to enjoy diving around the wrecks. The rest of the group actuallly went through some of the old boats which was neat. I opted out of the second dive, but the rest of the group say a sting ray, turle, eels and lots of fish.

Friday was a day at sea in route back to San Juan. We enjoyed the ship a bit, ate alot of food of course and made many new friends. All in all a great trip, we were very happy to come home of course and see our sweet children. Maybe in a few years they'll be old enough to take with us on such and adventure, or not.

Hope you enjoy the slide shows below.

Caribbean trip

Humanitarian project