Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have been lucky enough to be blessed with 4 men that have helped me get to where I am today. One gave me life, one showed me how to live my life, one gave another life and one shares my life with me. I am grateful for all of them and for what they have taught me and for what they are teaching my children. I want to wish a very Happy Fathers Day to all of them and to all fathers out there.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Break

The only thing my family has a break from is school. Sickness has hit my family hard since right before school let out. All but, K1 got the stomach flu, then K1 got sick with another type of flu, (pretty sure it was swine flu). He is still coughing, but overall feels better. Then K2 and J started with the cough, got fevers, J said his ear hurt, doctor confirmed double ear infection, got him on antibiotics but the cough will not go away. K2 has had a high fever, lots of coughing, headache, very irritable and mean, then today complained of his chest hurt (he thinks). So of to the doctor again, on the way there S tells me her throat hurts when she coughs. So the doctor looks at her and doesn't see anything but a could and she gets a cough medicine to help her sleep at night. In the meantime, K2 is given a mask and the doctor examines him. He has an ear infection and the doctor thinks borderline swine flu. So he is not allowed to have any contact with his friends or people outside the home. His lungs sound good and so we have to watch and listen to him. We will try to keep him in his room and away from the others. but at this point, I think it is too late. I have sanitized everything and have threatened the kids with there lives, if they don't wash their hands.

So need less to say, I do enjoy the fact that we are not rushing to and from preschool and school and I am not having to drag kids out of bed. But would really like to start enjoying a BREAK from being sick.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Catch up

It seems that the last month has gone by so quickly. With all the end of the school year programs and preschool graduations, it is already June. Today is the first day of summer break, and what am I doing? Well, I am trying to get my strength back from being sick and helping another child find the bucket when he needs it, clean house, get rid of any germs, air out the house, catch up on meetings missed and follow through on items for my church calling. Yes, it is only Monday and the 1st day of June.

Our family doesn't have any big summer plans. We will try to keep up with our reading and daily worksheets, maybe do a craft once a week, hang out with friends and family. Go to some bike races and running races. Most of all we will try to survive the summer and each other. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.